Building with Lightweight Steel Frames

Lightweight steel frames and metal beams create the perfect structure

Here at Dibsa we’ve been providing lightweight steel frames for roof refurbishment and new build projects for nearly 30 years.


When building with lightweight steel frames and metal beams there are many construction and environmental benefits when compared to timber or other materials. Lightweight steel frames & structures are stronger, economical, durable and much easier to install due to their reduced weight.

Benefits of building with lightweight steel frames

Why not choose a lightweight steel frames for your new build or roofing refurbishment project, you will benefit from its corrosive resistance along with it’s insect and vermin proof and flame retardant qualities. These are just some of the benefits that lightweight steel structures offer. Our metal beams have an incredible strength to weight ratio, allowing you to choose the external finish you want for your new roof without need for additional support. This will allow architects and project managers to have much more freedom in their design choices.

Building with our lightweight steel frames also offers a flexibility seldom found in building design. The expertise, equipment and technical knowledge we have allows us to manipulate our metal beams and frames into the shape and style you require. Therefore allowing you to choose the finish that you want without having to compromise due to material restrictions.

Property owners and specifiers alike will also find other benefits of working with us and using our lightweight steel structures. There is pressure on all of us to reduce our environmental impact. Choose lightweight steel frames and metal beams manufactured from steel and you’re using recycled material that can then be 100% recycled when it is no longer needed. Additionally, a lightweight steel structure offers a fast installation rate and an ability to be erected regardless of weather conditions. Thus dramatically cutting down on construction and labour costs and other associated expenses.

Lightweight steel frames by Dibsa – quality and exceptional service as standard

We can help you with everything from advice, proposals, design, development, delivery and final installation. This A to Z solution means that your project can run smoothly. You can leave the technical and logistical aspects of your lightweight steel structure safely in our hands.

We pride ourselves on our positive and friendly approach, we always put the customer’s needs at the fore. We rise to every challenge we’re given and are always happy to share our expertise and knowledge.

Interested in lightweight steel structures for your premises?

From industrial buildings to residential projects, Dibsa’s lightweight frames and metal beams offer many advantages – and you’ll get the very best in customer service too!

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