Benefits of steel structures

There are many advantages of steel frame construction and steel roof design; but in order to make the most of this brilliant building material, you need confidence in your supplier.

We offer a wide range of lightweight steel structures & roof design services. This ensures that your refurbishment or new build project is delivered to the highest standards possible. Therefore allowing you to move forward with your project with the assurance that everything is in hand.

Of course it’s only natural that we sing the praises of building using lightweight steel structures but there are many genuine advantages.

  1. Significantly improves the security of the envelope.
  2. Dramatically improves the aesthetic value of the building.
  3. Provides 2-3 times the life expectancy of a flat roof solution.
  4. Contains recycled steel.
  5. Our components are not susceptible to shrinkage, deterioration, fungus or insect attack.
  6. Water is removed from the roof eliminating water ingress.
  7. Increases the asset value of the building by adding to the market value.

To get the best results from your project, you want to keep costs low without compromising on quality. Whilst at the same time ensuring that you meet building, health and safety regulations. Considerations also need to be made regarding structural elements of your project, accounting for imposed loads, installation and general conditions.

By choosing our steel roof design solutions, all of these factors will be catered for, with a product to suit any conversion project or new building. Steel structures and roof refurbishments don’t get much better than those that are delivered by Dibsa.


Steel roof design and development

When you come to Dibsa for your steel roof design and development, you’ll benefit from our exceptional service and the many advantages of steel frame construction. With solutions catering for safe lift, dead load, line load, clear span and flat to pitch conversion requirements, Dibsa is here to ensure that your steel roof or cladding project runs smoothly.

  • Flat to Pitch – flat to pitch site adjustable dead load structures in either kit or pre-manufactured form designed to transfer new roof loads via existing coverings directly to existing primary support structures.
  • Clear Span – pre-manufactured clear span roof trusses to suit all roof shapes, profiles and sizes, available fully manufactured, in manageable sections or flat packed to suit site conditions.
  • Safe Lift – safe lift roof truss systems designed to allow assembly of trusses and roof coverings in cassette form at site ground level prior to hoisting into wall plate position ready for finishing.
  • Vertigrid – vertigrid cladding support systems for use on both linear and curved cladding projects with fully braced length adjustable supporting struts available from 100mm to 2500mm.
  • Lattice Beams – lightweight steel lattice beams for flat roof applications, available fully or partially manufactured to suit site conditions.
  • Specialist products to meet specific requirements such as perimeter facade details for modular buildings, multiple outbuildings, portal framed structures.
  • Comprehensive steel roof design services including surveys and plans.
  • Track and stud wall panels – insulated and ply sheeted in our factory prior to site delivery.
  • Line Load – pre-manufactured line load tilt frame systems suitable for use on modular constructed buildings with regular load paths.
Advantages of steel frame construction

When used for refurbishment or building, steel structures and frames can offer many cost benefits; it’s easy to transport, much quicker to install and has a much longer lifespan than alternative materials. Here at Dibsa we greatly believe in the advantages of steel frame construction and work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the support they need throughout the process of their steel roof design and installation.

Some of the main advantages of steel frame construction are:

  • Bespoke steel roof designs allow any structural requirements to be catered for
  • Improved security and aesthetics
  • Increased durability, extending roof life expectancy up to 3 times that of a flat roof
  • Environmentally ethical – 100% recyclable
  • No shrinkage, deterioration or risk of fungal or insect attack
  • Adds to value of property
  • Suitable for a variety of roof finishes
  • Accommodates for improved insulation
  • Due to permanent elimination of water ingress, maintenance costs are hugely reduced
  • Steel roof designs are much quicker and easier to deliver and install due to reduced weight