Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion & Roof Refurbishment

Flat to Pitch Roof Conversion & Roof Refurbishment by Dibsa

Our team here at Dibsa are experts in flat to pitch roof conversions, helping to prolong the life of buildings across the UK and saving property owners money in the long term.

People will undertake a flat to pitch roof conversion for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s purely a matter of aesthetics, thus improving the look of the building & bringing it up-to-date. Unfortunately though, there’s often a more serious incentive for a flat to pitch roof conversion. Flat roofs are notorious for creating water ingress, which can cause repeated repair costs and an overall deterioration of the property as a whole.

Because we specialise in lightweight steel roof refurbishment, our flat to pitch roof conversion services can transform a property in super efficient time. Quick and easy to install, our experts will guide you through the entire process from design, delivery and the final fit, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free service.

Flat roof conversions – our products

Installing our flat to pitch roof conversion is simply a matter of fitting our lightweight steel structure over the existing roof. Thus ensuring that life inside the building can continue unhindered during the installation. After your roof refurbishment only minimum maintenance is required. Consequently the building’s inhabitants may also notice a reduction in their heating costs due to the improved insulation.

Our roof conversions are carried out using our site adjustable site installed dead load structure. This means that our kits and prefabricated designs will cater for the dead load weight of the tiles or chosen roof covering. The existing primary supports being utilised to cope with the new load.

Who uses our flat to pitch roof conversion services?

Here at Dibsa we provide flat to pitch roof conversion services. Our systems are supported by many different areas of the construction trade, including architects, structural engineers and roofing contractors. In turn, this means that we supply flat to pitch roof conversion services to a wide variety of different buildings. From hospitals to large commercial premises or anywhere else that requires a cost-effective fix for existing problems.

Do we sound right for your project?

Speak to us regarding our dead load, flat to pitch conversion kits or design services. Flat to pitch goes without a hitch when you use technically superior roof refurbishment innovators like Dibsa.

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