Case Study: Grosvenor Street Flat to Pitch Conversion

Grosvenor Street Flat to Pitch Conversion


Approached by one of our long standing clients to design a flat to pitch roof conversion on top of high street flats.

There were some problematic areas with serious ponding and gradual deterioration. They were looking to remedy this with one of our flat to pitch roof conversions.

Flat Roofs

We are all aware that if the problem of a leaking roof is not resolved in a timely fashion, the building will undergo a process of gradual deterioration. This will have a detrimental effect on the internal environment of the building and services and/ or ultimately a Health & Safety issue.

By enhancing and upgrading the building fabric, numerous benefits can be attained. These will initially include thermal, aesthetic, acoustic and internal environment improvements. However, when married to the gains that a Dibsa lightweight steel flat to pitch roof solution offers, further benefits may be seen through psychological, economic, life span, construction, maintenance and environmental performance improvements.

Flat to Pitch

Our flat to pitch conversion allows re-modelling of the roof profile. This will not only enhance the overall aesthetics of a building, but can also provide thermal benefits, enhance security and of course, improve surface water drainage.

The pitched roof system was completed using Decra Noxite Tile. This flat to pitch conversion system has eradicated the need to maintain the roof annually and eliminated ponding on the roof surface.

Another quality installation of both our lightweight steel structure and the Decra roof coverings by trained installers for Hi-Spec Solutions Ltd of Manchester.

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