We Blossom in Winter

As we do our best to recover from the Covid 19 Pandemic that hit our industry hard in the Spring, here at Dibsa we are committed to seeking out the positives that have started to appear despite the weather now turning colder and the nights drawing in.

We have some exciting wide ranging projects in the pipeline that we are working hard developing in conjunction with our clients. Many of these we are expecting to be required on site during the next 3 months which is an excellent boost given the difficulties we all suffered during the summer months.

As the title suggests we are undergoing the bloom of business normally experienced during the spring, we have a fully staffed drawing office along with a productive factory eager and enthusiastically getting their teeth into these great projects.

The projects we’re working on range from National Grid Buildings, Large Housing Developments, RAF Buildings, Industrial Developments and Health Centres’ each providing us with their own individual challenges.

As one of the leading lightweight galvanised steel roof structure suppliers and erectors in the United Kingdom, here at Dibsa we have developed various systems ideally suited to the market place. Each project is individually assessed with the Client’s brief, objectives and expectations forming the basis from which our design is evolved.

When considering the design and materials to be used within a project we look at generating lasting value by evaluating various options. Such exercises will assist in fine tuning costs where possible, reduce risk by regularly looking into best practice and by building environmental thinking into everything that we do. We are constantly redefining ourselves with environmentally inspired and innovative ideas designed to give us greater eco-efficiency.

We supply and install our product widely across the UK, partnering with established and experienced roofing contractors to ensure a consistency of quality with the installation of our products. We have our own qualified in house design and surveying facility and provide site specific calculations produced by our consultant Structural Engineer for each and every project.

For more information about our lightweight steel structures or indeed if you have a project that you would like to discuss with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call as We Blossom in Winter – Contact us on 01226 320920 or visit www.dibsa.co.uk