Case Study: Slough Reservoir

Slough Reservoir


Another unusual project appeared in my inbox in April 2018 from Weatherproofing Advisors, could we replace some trusses over a reservoir 27m wide?


Imagination piqued and our MD on route to explore the project in further detail.


Back at the office and enlisting the help of our Structural Engineer we thrashed through numerous designs until the ideal Dibsa lightweight steel solution emerged.


Resting into small pockets at either end we were unable to install a simple deep supporting beam from which our trusses would be built, we therefore opted for back to back narrower beams with our sleeves sandwiched between. All truss components had to be in 8000 lengths and powder coated prior to arriving on site.


Totally site installed to accommodate any fluctuations with the old 1930’s building our skilled veteran installation team worked hard to remove the old trusses and burn down the hot rolled steel that had been embedded into the concrete below. Forming a level base from which to mount the new back to back beams prior to building up the trusses.


Over the next 4 weeks our installers ploughed through the work with ease and with just one more visit back to site this week, to install a steel door frame that we have had made and powder coated to match despite this not being within our remit and the project will be complete.


I understand all parties are pleased with the work and with the proficiency that the install team carried out the works.