Case Study: Rectory Green

Pitched Roof conversion

Rectory Green

Prestwich, Manchester

Dibsa Structures, Metrotile & JB Roofing: A Remarkable Collaboration


In a true display of expertise and craftsmanship, two specialised suppliers and an exceptionally skilled team of installers are breathing new life into seven tired old flat-roofed apartment blocks. The result? Spectacular and characterful flat-to-pitch conversions that are leaving the client and residents in awe.


Years in the making, this visionary lightweight steel, flat-to-pitch project was entrusted to the capable hands of professional main contractor Emanuel Whittaker in late 2022. Since breaking ground in November of that year, the team’s dedication and unwavering commitment have kept progress flowing consistently.


With intricate details to master, the collaboration between Dibsa and the talented Andy from JB Roofing proved to be the perfect synergy. From the outset, the client’s directive was clear: preserve the inherent charm and allure of these buildings throughout the flat-to-pitch conversion process.


The fact that the apartments were fully occupied underscored the paramount importance of considering the residents’ needs, as well as navigating the challenges posed by the tight site access. Every effort was made to minimise any noise disruptions that inevitably accompanied the construction process.


Introducing Dibsa, the Pioneers of Lightweight Steel Structures & Roofing


With over 33 years of unrivalled expertise in the steel roof industry, Dibsa stands out as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of technically superior steel roofs. Throughout our journey, we have continuously honed and refined our services, ensuring top-notch quality and innovation at every turn.


The advantages of opting for a Dibsa lightweight steel roof over traditional timber or other materials are substantial. Not only does it boast reduced erection time, resulting in lower installation costs, but it also offers unparalleled flexibility in design possibilities. Embracing steel structures means embracing greater sustainability, as these roofs exhibit exceptional longevity and are 100% recyclable.


A key highlight of our lightweight steel structures is their ingenious installation process. Loaded directly onto the existing flat roof, the weight is skilfully spread across the entire deck. An interesting fact—did you know that a flat roof has an imposed load of 0.75kN/sqm, while a pitched roof has a slightly lower load of 0.6kN/sqm? When transitioning from a flat to a pitched roof, a Dibsa lightweight steel structure and its accompanying lightweight coverings, weigh approximately 0.15kN/sqm. As a result, the net change is zero, making it a seamless and efficient conversion.


We all recognise the consequences of neglecting a poorly insulated, leaking flat roof. Left unaddressed, it sets in motion a relentless process of deterioration that can compromise existing services and even jeopardise safety. This was not an option in this exceptional project.


The original insulation within these buildings fell woefully short of modern requirements, compounding the effects of the damp internal environment. As a result, substantial additional heating was required to maintain comfortable temperatures. This unnecessary strain on resources inevitably led to inflated running costs, impacting both profitability and the availability of funds for further enhancements.



However, with the completion of this visionary collaboration, a new chapter has dawned for these apartments. A fresh and inspiring roofscape now adorns the buildings, offering improved thermal performance, enhanced building lifespan, and a maintenance-free flat-to-pitch design. The positive financial and psychological impact on the residents is certain to be felt for years to come.


Witnessing the transformation of these flat-roofed apartment blocks into architectural masterpieces serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through skilful collaboration, attention to detail, and a shared commitment to excellence. Dibsa, Metrotile, and JB Roofing have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the landscape, enriching both the lives of residents and the surrounding community.


When you choose Dibsa for your project, you gain access to an all-encompassing service that goes beyond mere product provision. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive consultation, valuable advice, meticulous structural surveys, and innovative design solutions. From the project’s inception to its triumphant completion, Dibsa will be your reliable partner every step of the way, offering a professional service with a personal touch.





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